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Use the release shortcode to indicate the availability of a specific feature in a tagged release.


Since Hinode v0.14.1 you can indicate the availability of a specific feature. The release shortcode renders a button that links to the specific release. Use the state to indicate if the feature is new or deprecated.

{{< release version="v0.14.1" >}}


The shortcode supports the following arguments:

versionYesRequired version string, expects semver notation  with a “v” prefix.
stateNoOptional state, either “new” (default) or “deprecated”.
shortNoOptional flag to indicate the release button should use short notation.
sizeNoOptional size of the button, either “sm”, “md” (default), or “lg”.
inlineNoIf set, renders the release button inline (defaults to false).
classNoOptional class attribute of the button element.

Site configuration

Ensure the release parameter is set in the site’s configuration.


Change the style of your release button using the available arguments.

New feature

Indicate a new feature by using default values for the optional arguments.

{{< release version="v0.14.1" >}}

Deprecated feature

Indicate a deprecated feature by setting state to deprecated.

{{< release version="v0.14.1" state="deprecated" >}}

Short feature

Shorten the button title by setting short to true.

{{< release version="v0.14.1" short="true" >}}
{{< release version="v0.14.1" short="true" state="deprecated" >}}
Last updated: August 10, 2023 • Add size and inline args (106f964)